Chiropractor in Central London

Chiropractic is a medical healthcare profession that focuses on curing the pain of the spine and other joints of the human body. It helps patients in maintaining optimal health without consuming any kind of drugs or surgeries. A chiropractor mainly concentrates on preventing, diagnosing, and healing spin-related disorder and other painful joint issues. Along with providing adjustments, a chiropractor also gives soft-tissue massage to enhance the flexibility of the patient’s body.

For the last couple of years, the trend of chiropractor home visit service is increasing furiously. In order to save time, money, and inconvenience faced by the patient and his/her family member, chiropractor at home service is the best option to choose from. In order to give the best chiropractor service, we have the industry’s best chiropractors and specialists that are experts in healing any sort of physical pain of our patients.

Here are some of the physical ailments, which we heal from chiropractor home visit services:

  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Disc injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Sports injuries
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain, and lot more

In some cases, some patients are not able to visit the nearest chiropractor or clinic because of severe pain. Thus, they can contact us and avail our chiropractor home visit service and get the medical treatment from the professionals. Our chiropractors are also flexible with giving personalised services to our patients.

Our chiropractor at home services follow a specific process:

  • Case History:
    Our chiropractors will collect information related to your injuries, problems or discomfort. They will ask questions about what causes your pain, what aggravates it, and what are the relieving factors. Your previous medical history will also be taken.
  • Examination:
    During this stage, our Harley Street chiropractors examine the positions which can increase your pain, including muscle tests, various movements, etc. This lets us know the severity of your complaint and help the chiropractor diagnose your injury. A neurological examination will allow us to know areas of possible neural involvement.
  • X-Rays:
    X-rays will be required in extreme cases. It will let us know the degree of degeneration and the areas that are under stress on a daily basis.
  • Treatment plan:
    Upon completion of the examination and x-rays, our chiropractors will give you a treatment plan and explain it to you properly. We will take your consent before your treatment and initiate the treatment once you give your approval.

Our chiropractor home visit in London is divided into three stages of care:

  • Relief care:
    In this stage, we help our patients to come out of pain or discomfort. This may be quite essential during an acute injury, chronic pain, or long-term neglect of the body.
  • Stabilisation care:
    Once the initial pain is reduced or gone, we go through the habits stated by the patients, understand them and try to correct them to reinforce new healthy habits. This results in better alignment of muscles and ligaments.
  • Wellness care:
    This is designed to give regular chiropractic care to the patients. Once the body becomes stabilised, wellness care assures that the problem doesn’t reoccur along with improving patients’ health. It addresses the minor problems of the body before they become serious problems.